ECU Testing & Diagnostics

ECU Express conducts a rigorous five-tier diagnostic procedure on all vehicle electronic control units to ensure optimum results which mimic the performance of the electronic control unit on your vehicle. We diagnose all vehicle electronic control modules ranging from engine control units (ECUs), instrumental clusters, body control modules, transmission control modules, mechatronic modules, ABS control units, throttle bodies to electric power steering modules using state-of-the-art equipment and machinery.   Our Standard ECU Test procedure:
  • Visual Evaluation (Inspection of the circuit board)
  • In-circuit Component Test (Component bias state test)
  • Bench Test (Scan ECU memory / CPU using Electronic Lab Equipment)
  • Voltage Drop Test (Electrical schematic based diagnosis)
  • Stress Test (Faults may be intermittent)

Control Unit Diagnostic Fees
(Incl. of 15% VAT)
Light Vehicle ECU R 380.00
ABS Control Unit R 500.00
Transmission / Mechatronics Control Unit R 500.00
Heavy Duty Electronic Control Unit (All types) R 500.00
Earthmoving Electronic Control Unit (All types) R 900.00
*Subject to changes.

ECU Repairs

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Instrument Clusters

  • Electronic Differential Modules
  • Engine Control Modules
  • Transmission Control Modules
  • DSG Mechatronics
  • ABS/ESP Module
  • Electric Power Steering
  • Body Control Modules

ECU Replacements & Programming

ECU Express replaces and programs ECUs for most vehicle makes and models. 


We aim to bridge the gap between dealers and scrapyards by offering competitive yet quality electronic modules. Unlike the industry norm, all our electronic components are fully-tested and come with a 3-month warranty. 


We are a one-stop shop, also offering in-house bench and on-board programming, including decoding and immo-off services.

Vehicle Diagnostics

Annual checkups from your doctor keeps you in good health, right? Well, the same goes for your car —regular diagnostic tests can detect problems with your vehicle before they require expensive repairs, or worse, leave you stranded on the side of the road after a breakdown. Don’t wait for the dreaded 〈⊗〉. At ECU Express, we offer comprehensive and expert OBDII vehicle diagnostics and vehicle fault finding. If necessary, a technician will perform a road test or visual inspection to help verify the issue. Sometimes a comprehensive battery and charging system analysis or other tests will be necessary to identify other issues troubling your car. To our valued workshop customers: Should you have any problematic vehicles, take time to call us and possibly book in the vehicle with us for a secondary check.